Timecard Studio 4
Introducing Timecard Studio 4 !
  • Single screen display
  • All employees stored in a single database
  • Increased storage for an unlimited number of employees
  • Print a single employee at a time or an entire workgroup
  • Print timecards for employees who work a specific schedule
  • Supports both AGFS and DGO timecards
  • Prints on any ink or laserjet printer
  • Password Protection (optional)
  • Excel spreadsheets no longer needed
  • Export and import roster databases for sharing with other managers
  • Liveupdate capable to keep you on top of new releases
  • Rosters exportable to Excel for detailed reporting
  • Advanced filtering options to keep you organized
  • Recovery mode to make sure TCS always runs smooth
  • Prints each employee's different scheduled start time
  • Employees displayed and sorted by last name
  • Now able to print in the code and hours boxes for AGFS time cards
  • **NEW print adjust capability for support on a wide array of printers
  • Built in calander
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File Name
Release Date
Timecard Studio 4.6.2 (full version)
Help manual 4.3.3
Timecard Studio 4.6.2 (upgrade version)
Current version available 4.6.2
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Compatible with Windows Vista
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