On Call Technician Service
We offer on call and on site technician service for customers who need a technician to come
to their home or place of business.  We offer two types of call outs;  emergency and
standard.  Emergency call outs are when you need a technician to be at your home or
business within 30 to 45 minutes or as soon as possible.  This service comes with a $50
base emergency fee plus labor and when available your appointment will be moved to the
top of our list and we will be on site immediately.  The standard call out does not come with a
fee however labor is charged at a per-determined amount that will be discussed with the
customer prior to booking the appointment.  The standard service allows the customer to
choose an appointment date and time.  More information including request forms are below.
Technician Request
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2050 Old Springfield Rd.
Vandalia, OH  45377